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Famed Diner Facing Demolition After Council Approves Rezoning

Posted by am.julash on January 7, 2022

The owners of a neighborhood cafe in Astoria are planning on demolishing it due to a disagreement with the City Council.

The City Council approved a developer’s plan to demolish Neptune Cafe and build three buildings on the area between 31st Street and 24th Avenue.

The plan was rejected by the community board of Astoria, which cited concerns about the safety and environmental impacts of the development.

The vote was the result of the city’s public land use review process, which was carried out in response to the outcry from the community.

They also argued that the towers were too high for the area and didn’t include enough affordable units. The proposal would only provide 278 new units, which is 69 percent affordable.

To accommodate low-income residents, 20 units are set aside for people with a median income of up to 80 percent.

Tiffany Cabn had also argued that the project did not have enough affordable units.

A spokesperson for Cabn said that the project’s approval was already in the works when she took office.

Before the vote, Cabn secured $250,000 from the developers to improve the area’s Hoyt Playground. However, the company claimed that the project could have built up to 200 units of housing.

Despite the opposition, some residents supported the project.

Queens Borough President Richard Richards supported the plan. He urged the developers to establish a community advisory board during the construction process.

At a public hearing, several speakers argued that the additional housing would help boost the area’s economy.

Jeffrey Martin, a community board member, agreed with Richards’ statement. He noted that taller buildings with more affordable units would be a better development than those with no affordable units.

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