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Senahid is a current lecturer of chemistry courses and a laboratory technician at the City University of New York and holds a Master degree in Chemistry.

He authored a book “The Fate of Srebrenica”, available on Amazon in which he described the fate of Srebrenica from the arrival of the Ottomans until the genocide in July 1995.

Senahid remained in the home town entire siege of Srebrenica, until July 1995. He resides in Queens with his wife and 3 children since his arrival in the USA.

Hi loves sports, and whenever he has a chance, he plays chess. He is an active community volunteer for many years, he gives back to community by teaching Bosnian to youngsters at his center.

“The satisfaction comes from ability to change people’s lives, one of them owning a home, an American dream. Giving a key to someone to own a piece of American Dream, gives me pleasure”, said Senahid when asked why Real Estate as a new career.

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